September 2018, Ottogi ‘Jin Ramen’ launching at Walmart

In September 2018, Ottogi America, Inc. has launched one of the representative instant noodle bowl, ‘Jin Ramen(Spicy)’ and ‘Jjajang Bokki’ at the nationwide Walmart stores.
Now you can find Ottogi ‘Jin Ramen(Spicy)’ bowl and ‘Jjajang Bokki’ bowl at selected major Walmart stores near you. Ottogi ‘Jin Ramen’ is the worldwide well known instant noodle from Ottogi.
‘Jjajang Bokki’ is a unique Korean style instant noodle with sweet and salty taste black bean sauce. ‘Jin Ramen’ and ‘Jjajang Bokki’ are sold at 84 Walmart stores nationwide from east to west coast. As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart operates around 4,700 US stores in 2018. (Source: Ottogi America, Inc.)

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