Mac & Cheese Spaghetti (Bowl)


Product Code A21502237
Product Name(ENG) Mac & Chees Spagetti (Bowl)
Product Name(KOR) 맥앤치즈 스파게티 (용기)
Net WT. 4.58oz[130g]
Storage Dry
Description Triple ‘WOW” in one bowl !!!
Milky cheesy ‘MAC & CHEESE’!
& Groovy ‘FUSILLI’!
& Savory ‘SPAGHETTI’!
Unbelievably convenient! Microwave for 5Minute and it’s done!
Ideal meal for your breakfast and lunch time!
Direction (1) Remove the lid completely and add ‘Powder Soup’.

(2) Pour and fill room temperature water up to the inside line.

(3) Microwave for 5minutes(based on 1,000W).
*Do NOT put the lid in microwave.

(4) Spread ‘Powdered Cheese Soup’ and ‘Mac & Cheese Sauce’ and stir well.